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    About Hartford21 Apartment

    If you are looking for a high quality experience in apartment living, you should choose Hartford 21. We offer a variety of floor plans for your needs and each room is designed with a contemporary yet functional look. Our apartments are spacious enough for your items and we have diverse amenities which include:

    24-hour concierge
    Club Room and Pool Table
    Online Rent Payment
    Game Room

    Hartford21 residents have peace of mind knowing that they live in a safe environment and that they have access to maintenance staff on site. Each apartment is equipped with air conditioning, carpeted floors or tile floors, dishwashers, granite counter-tops, paid utilities and much more. This apartment offers sophistication in a vibrant urban setting. Hartford21 residents can also have pets live with them so this makes the apartment even more attractive to potential tenants.

    Another good thing about Hartford21 is that you can view the inside of the apartment through a virtual tour on our website. In addition to this you’ll see information regarding the benefits of living at the apartment. These benefits include:

    Short walking distance to nearby shops and clubs
    Living in downtown Hartford and no need to drive around the area
    No-hassle parking services
    Experienced and caring staff

    You may wonder what kinds of people live in Hartford21 apartments. These apartments are occupied by college students, young couples who are starting their careers, families with children and older persons who want to live independently following retirement. It is this diversity that makes Hartford21 an excellent place to live.

    Are you tired of having to rush home from work so you can give the landlord rent to avoid being late? At Hartford21 this will not be a problem because you can pay rent online using a credit card. This makes your budget planning easier.

    When you live in Hartford21 apartments, you don’t have to leave home in order to relax or get fit. The apartment offers a fitness center and game room where you can have time to yourself after a long day. Or you might want to meet up with some neighbors and enjoy their company if you’re a new resident.

    If you don’t like to go to the laundromat every few days, then you’ll enjoy Hartford21 because these apartments have a full size washer and dryer so that you can do laundry in the privacy of your home. Other conveniences include:

    Conference rooms
    A Great Room for special events
    Bark Lounge for pets

    Hartford21 offers a relaxed atmosphere at affordable rates. You get the chance to enjoy the heart of downtown Hartford and you save money on gas since you can walk to much of downtown’s main offices and entertainment venues. The sleek design and functionality of these apartments are some of the qualities that Hartford21 residents love. You will have the privacy you need and the amenities simplify your life. When you move into Hartford21 you get to experience the best that Hartford has to offer and you can get to and from work quickly without dealing with hectic traffic. These apartments are stylish and epitomize what life in a sustainable city could look like in coming years. Condo living is becoming increasingly popular and Hartford21 does this trend with excellence. You can visit site : http://www.hartford21.com/